Having Some Hard Traveling

by Feel Free To Feel Free

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Recorded one evening in the chaos of Mexico City.

Canelajas is a documentary featuring this music: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Sxr86ZR8Jc


released March 5, 2016

Photographs: Samuel Sneller
Recording: Jose Maria Ruiz de Chavez Sarachaga
Music: feelfreetofeelfree
Thanks to Willian Avalos for lending me a guitar when mine broke




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Track Name: Dreaming
The Rhythm of your breath
the space between birth and death
sailing gently down this dream

In this cold world
with a warm girl
a songbird
with a code word...

The sorrow of the city
swallowed something pretty
row, row, row your boat
home is gone
so long

I don`t recognize the town that I once claimed as my home
I don`t recognize the tone of your voice coming over the telephone
I don`t recognize what lies behind the eyes of my friends
tried to disguise their demise, but the flies know that they`re dead

It`s getting hotter
not surprising
when the water
comes arising
and Noah's boat don`t float no more

I don`t recognize the exit sign for my home
I don`t recognize all the enemies and allies I`ve known
I don`t recognize what lies behind the eyes in my head
tried to disguise my demise, but the flies know that I`m dead

So we`ll grow old
and we`ll grow ill
we`ll grow apart
if life is but a dream
then let`s wake up.
Track Name: Waking Up
I don`t know why I`m alive, why I haven`t died
but I don`t know what I should do with my little life
I dreamed of concrete, tombstone cities,
I dreamed of suburban rooftops looming like mountains
I dreamed the city lights shone brighter than the stars
and all that we are is just another passing car

Rivers run dry, arteries shrivel and die
the east becomes a blizzard
while the west turns to a desert
talking about the changing weather
the drought
the earthquake
those icebreakers
the dustbowl
and the rustbelt
and the rest will fall
like a spent shell
when california dries into a dustcloud
the sky will fall
and we`ll catch hell

Those who lived off what the river gives defended land with their lives
now we survive off grocery stores, and tap water, and for them we`ll die
I dreamed we deserved these tombstone cities
but I dreamed I`d learn how to survive outside them
but I`m living off it`s waste and I love the taste
stowing away on freight trains as if I`m just another product to be shipped

I`m driving out my automobile demons
I`m driving the final nail into the coffin
I dreamed that the earth trembled
the thunder rumbled
and the towers toppled
I dreamed I`d seen the truth of this life
and woke up to a lie
Track Name: The Road Home
This road never ends
just leads onto a new junction
saying so long to old friends
saying farewell, I hope to see you down the line again

I`m just a realist, just playing pretend
in a world of make believe what`s the difference?
I was looking for a home, instead, I found a hole in the fence
so I can dance with the trains again

Food tastes better when you`ve known hunger
stare into the fire, sleep under the stars
a long way to go don`t seem so far
you ain`t seen the country, kid
until you`ve seen it from an open boxcar

When this train leaves, it`s gonna take me with
left it all behind, traded lies for a myth
it`s no kind of life just waiting around for death
so I ain`t waiting, I`m chasing after it

Sang so many songs for the road
lost touch with my friends, now we`ve all grown old
don`t know how I`ll die, but I hope I don`t live alone
So now I`m going to sing a song
now I`m going to sing one
for coming home
Track Name: Prodigal Son
When adventure turns to routine
then what do you do?
when the road becomes a commute
what do you do? what do you do?

Run so fast
lost at last
put the past
to rest at last

When the souls of your shoes all worn through
then what do you do?
when you lose every friend who you knew
what do you do? what do you do?

Prodigal son
please don`t run
there`s still one
home where you`re welcome
Track Name: Once, Twice, Thrice
I told you once I said
I ain`t gonna leave my home and friends
it made sense way back when
but now I`m back on the road again
back on the road all alone again

I told you twice I said
I ain`t gonna hop back on that train
it sounded nice back then
but now I`m back on the road again
back on that railroad again

I told you thrice I said
I`m done with this life, no more pain
but when my time of crisis came
I was right back on the road alone again
back on the road all alone again
right back on the road alone again.
Track Name: After All
After all I guess I`ll leave, my dear
when all I wanted was to live here
and leaving wouldn`t even make my skies clear

God`s a mean kid, trapped us in a jar
poked airholes in the lid
we call them the stars
God`s watching all night as the bugs fight their wars

After all I guess I`ll head back out
a clouded mind, downpour eyes
I doubt I`ll ever find what it`s all about

can`t find a righteous way through
can`t find an easy way out
can`t find an honest way in
what is one to do?
Track Name: Hunger
All the days
good or bad
they all pass away

so fall asleep
or stay awake
take a breath
countdown to death

these road signs tell
an impossible distance
to anywhere else

lost my mind to that town
and I ain`t going back to find it now

the cops won`t stop
always trying to lock us up
because our pockets broke
but our spirit ain`t broken by this bullshit yet

Stranded and damned again
abandoned and crash landed

After weeks of hunger
guess it`s the life that I chose
I`ve grown weak with hunger
at once feeling younger and old
tried to hold on
now I`m just trying to let go