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This road never ends
just leads onto a new junction
saying so long to old friends
saying farewell, I hope to see you down the line again

I`m just a realist, just playing pretend
in a world of make believe what`s the difference?
I was looking for a home, instead, I found a hole in the fence
so I can dance with the trains again

Food tastes better when you`ve known hunger
stare into the fire, sleep under the stars
a long way to go don`t seem so far
you ain`t seen the country, kid
until you`ve seen it from an open boxcar

When this train leaves, it`s gonna take me with
left it all behind, traded lies for a myth
it`s no kind of life just waiting around for death
so I ain`t waiting, I`m chasing after it

Sang so many songs for the road
lost touch with my friends, now we`ve all grown old
don`t know how I`ll die, but I hope I don`t live alone
So now I`m going to sing a song
now I`m going to sing one
for coming home


from Having Some Hard Traveling, released March 5, 2016




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