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I don`t know why I`m alive, why I haven`t died
but I don`t know what I should do with my little life
I dreamed of concrete, tombstone cities,
I dreamed of suburban rooftops looming like mountains
I dreamed the city lights shone brighter than the stars
and all that we are is just another passing car

Rivers run dry, arteries shrivel and die
the east becomes a blizzard
while the west turns to a desert
talking about the changing weather
the drought
the earthquake
those icebreakers
the dustbowl
and the rustbelt
and the rest will fall
like a spent shell
when california dries into a dustcloud
the sky will fall
and we`ll catch hell

Those who lived off what the river gives defended land with their lives
now we survive off grocery stores, and tap water, and for them we`ll die
I dreamed we deserved these tombstone cities
but I dreamed I`d learn how to survive outside them
but I`m living off it`s waste and I love the taste
stowing away on freight trains as if I`m just another product to be shipped

I`m driving out my automobile demons
I`m driving the final nail into the coffin
I dreamed that the earth trembled
the thunder rumbled
and the towers toppled
I dreamed I`d seen the truth of this life
and woke up to a lie


from Having Some Hard Traveling, released March 5, 2016




Feel Free To Feel Free Oregon

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